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Intermittent Blowoff Tank

  • Pre-cools condensate prior to drain
  • Mixes stored condensate with blowdown to minimize cooling water requirements
  • Maintains BTU value of high pressure returns
  • Feed condensate to the boiler directly
  • Lower Delta T between condensate return and boiler operating temperature
  • Suitable for high pressure returns
  • Uses continuous blowoff from the boiler to preheat make-up water
  • Returns flash steam back to the deaerator
  • Maximum 02 of .005 cc/l and zero C02
  • Designed, constructed, and stamped for Section VIII, Division I, Unfired Pressure Vessel
  • Ten year warranty on pressure vessel and internals
  • 1/16″ Corrosion allowance is designed into each pressure vessel
  • All undeaerated sections are constructed using stainless steel internals
  • Stainless steel tray bundles incorporate riveted design allowing for thermal expansion

 Series 550

Tray Type Deaerator and High Pressure Condensation Return

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High Pressure Condensate Return

 Series 240 & 250

 Series 200

Ancillary Equipment

  • 20:1 turndown
  • Reduces corrosion in boilers, pumps, and pipes
  • Suitable for high pressure returns
  • Minimal steam requirements over 100:1 turndown


 Series 550

Two Stage Tray Type Deaerator

Two Stage Spray Type Deaerator

 Series 557

Capacities: 17 – 120 BHP

Inputs from 695,000 to 4,865,000 BTUH

Outputs from 580,000 to 4,040,000 BTUH

 Series 285

Continuous Blowoff Heat Recovery

Ancillary Equipment

  • High pressure condensate is returned directly to the boiler.
  • Deaerator section is only used as make-up water is needed.