24/7 Emergency Service

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2911 NE 109th ave.  Vancouver, WA 98682

Fire Marshal operates on-site or remote to safely monitor and control your retort during all operating cycles.

Annual reporting requirements made fast and easy because Fire Marshal provides complete data acquisition of all case documentation during retort operation

Fire Marshal

Fire Marshal can be installed on
ALL types of cremation retorts.

Cremation Association of North America

National Funeral Directors Association

Fire Marshal monitors the temperature in the retort stack area to prevent potential fire conditions. 

  • Audible alarm sounds when stack area temperature reaches 400°F 
  • Email alert to your smart phone and personal computer when stack area temperature reaches 450°F
  • Automatic shut-down of the retort when stack area temperature reaches 500°F, preventing the occurrence of any potential fire

​Tek Marshal:  Internet Retort Diagnostics