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The hearth “wears” due to high temperatures, chemical attack, thermal shock and exposure to abrasive elements.

Cremation Systems’ Quick Change modular hearth tile system utilizes pre-cast and cured tile specially designed to offer the highest resistance to these adverse conditions.

Hearth replacement with a traditional cast-in-place hearth requires the use of jackhammers, refractory mixers, specialized labor and on-site curing. The Quick Change system offers the fastest repair option in the industry. Simply slide out the worn and damaged tile and replace.

Plus, our Quick Change system is always in stock and ready for immediate shipment from our Midwestern warehouse.

Cremation Systems offers complete turnkey crematoriums, cremation chambers, and a wide range of products and services including combustion and control service, refractory repair and complete cremator rebuild

     Quick Change Hearth

Quick Change Hearth™

tile are easily removed utilizing standard

tools like wooden block and bottle jack,

as shown in illustration

Quick Change Modular Hearth Tile System

Quick Change

Modular Hearth Tile System

Quick Change Modular Hearth Tile System