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Typical Industrial process which would benefit by using a Johnston's XID Boiler:

- Corrugation
- Rendering
- Lumber Kilns
- Food Processing
- Grain Flaking Mills

The XID boiler has several important important design advantages.
– Distance from the normal water line to the steam nozzle is up to 2 times that of old design.
– Steam volume is 2 or more times that of old design, competitive boilers.
– Generous furnace volume provides greater primary heat transfer and improved burner operation.
– Water back design eliminates costly refractory repair and thermal stress on the rear tube sheet
-15 year warranty provided for the furnace, tube sheets, combustion chamber and flue doors.
The XID Boiler Is designed specifically for industrial process steam instillations requiring extremely dry steam, high peak demand and rapidly changing loads.

XID Scotch Marine Boiler

XID Scotch Marine Boiler